1000 CoLS® Implants in the US: FH Orthopedics Hits Key Benchmark

Chicago, Illinois – Dr. Mark Bowen, orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports-related and traumatic injuries to the knee and shoulder, had a full day of ACL reconstructive surgeries on 6 April at the NorthShore University Health System in Chicago. By the end of the day, he had performed the CoLS® technique on the 1000th patient in the US.

An FH Orthopedics advancement, the CoLS® technique is an innovative knee ligament repair system which was first introduced in France in 2005. Tissue sparing, the surgical technique requires the harvest of only one hamstring tendon which is then quadrupled to produce the graft. It allows for almost immediate post surgical weight bearing with no braces or crutches.

An expert in the CoLS® technique, Dr. Bowen opts for this procedure in over 95% of his ACL surgeries because he has found that the ultimate success rate is superior to other options. “If your primary goal is to assure that your patient will need only one operation, then the CoLS® technique the best option. The harvesting of the graft is less painful for patients post-operatively; it is structurally a stronger graft and the re-tear rate is lower. Overall, there are fewer issues down the road,” Dr. Bowen said.

After discovering the CoLS® technique in 2009, Dr. Bowen traveled to Toulouse, France to observe it being performed by expert surgeons. He returned on several occasions to refine his own technique and now teaches it to American surgeons. Today, he has performed the CoLS® reconstructive procedure in over 300 cases.

“Although it’s rare for an experienced orthopedic surgeon to change techniques, many of my colleagues have been intrigued by what I have shown them and convinced to adopt the CoLS® technique based on the benefits that patients experience,” Dr. Bowen said.

For FH Orthopedics, the 1000th CoLS® procedure in the US is a company milestone. “We have seen that the CoLS® technique improves immediate post–operative results in patients across the globe. We are pleased that in just three years, patients in the US are also able to benefit from this technique,” said Eric Hermann, managing director, FH Orthopedics, Inc.

About the company: FH Orthopedics is headquartered in Mulhouse, France. FH Orthopedics Inc., the US subsidiary of the French company, was established in 2002 and specializes in innovative orthopedic solutions, such as the CoLS® technique, a key advancement in knee ligament implant procedures. Since receiving FDA clearance in 2008, the CoLS® technique has been performed in 1000 patients in the US and is now used by over 35 surgeons across the country. The CoLS® technique has been performed in over 21,000 patients worldwide. To learn more about the CoLS® technique or about the company, please visit: www.FHortho.com