Our History

Born of Optimism

FH Ortho was founded by André Hermann in Mulhouse, France in 1964 as a customer-first provider of hospital furnishings and surgical equipment. The company owes much of its success to Hermann and the relationships he forged. His commitment to past and present partners, backed by unfailing energy, optimism and enthusiasm, are the values on which the company has grown and thrived.

André Hermann was a resistance fighter in all senses of the word. A man of conviction, with a love of the sea and the mountains, Hermann faced the world with strength and courage, despite living with multiple sclerosis.

In 1929, at just twenty-five years of age, the first symptoms appeared of what would eventually be diagnosed as MS.

“I could see two of everything,” Hermann would later recall. “In 1930, at an international ski jump competition, I had to close one eye to see the ramp.”

Complications from his MS didn’t stop Hermann from reaching the top step of the podium that day, or any other day in his vibrant life.

Hermann’s motto for his business was “broad vision based on a small structure.” “The future belongs to small, human-sized businesses,” he repeated tirelessly.

Expansion & Growth

As FH grew, André Hermann passed the leadership baton to his son Thierry, who expanded the company and its offering organically and through strategic acquisition, first becoming one of France’s largest suppliers of surgical equipment, and ultimately a global medical innovator with a presence in more than 50 countries.

Throughout FH’s first 40 years, and indeed at every stage of the company’s history, management’s focus has been on investment in its people and the innovations they bring that strengthen FH’s relationships with customers.

A Shift In Strategy Brings Focus, Opportunity

In 2005, management began to move away from commodity products that met a need, but offered little value to hospitals and medical centers, and aligned itself as an orthopedic device maker.

Backed by world-class technical knowhow and surgical innovation, and supported by a network that included many of the world’s top orthopedic surgeons, FH Ortho has now expanded into over 30 countries worldwide, with complete range of orthopedic implants.

Today, FH Ortho is organized around four main product areas: hip, knee, shoulder and foot. The company’s ambition is to use this surgeon-focused corporate structure as a foundation for the continued development of innovative solutions that come about through close collaboration with its global network of surgeon partners.