First ARROW shoulder prosthesis successfully implanted in the US

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – On July 19, 2011, Steven Stecker, MD, was the first surgeon to implant the ARROW shoulder prosthesis in the US. The successful surgery took place in Dover, NJ.

An innovation by FH Orthopedics, the ARROW is the first universal system for shoulder arthroplasty, allowing surgeons to implant a reverse or anatomical prosthesis using the same set of instruments. Approved by the FDA in November 2010, the ARROW shoulder system is a simple technique that allows patients greater range of motion and a faster recovery.

Dr. Stecker, who received specialized ARROW training in France, was very pleased with the surgery and the shoulder system. “I was quite impressed with the instrumentation, the ease of use, and the anatomic variability it supports and can recreate,” he explained.

Zeev Walny, FH Regional Sales Director based out of Chicago, and Product Expert Beatrice Maylie, from the company’s headquarters in Mulhouse, France, were both present in New Jersey for the event. “It was a very important step for FH Orthopedics in the US and for the ARROW shoulder,” Mr. Walny said.

The ARROW shoulder was first implanted in Europe in 2003. From the UK and Spain to Brazil and Argentina, this shoulder prosthesis has been successfully implanted in over 10 major countries worldwide. FH has trained six surgeons on the ARROW shoulder system and continues to organize customized trainings.

Eric Hermann, Managing Director of the US subsidiary of FH Orthopedics, said, “The ARROW shoulder prosthesis was developed according to the latest trends and expectations in shoulder anthroplasty. The universal system uses a single instrument tray which makes it easily reproducible.” Additional features of the ARROW shoulder system include a single angle for the neck cut, one single humeral stem fracture, hemi, total and reverse surgery.

FH Orthopedics US subsidiary was established in 2002, primarily focussing on a new knee ligament implant technique, called CoLS. Since the first CoLS surgery in the US on March 29, 2009, over 1000 patients have been treated with this technique used by over 30 surgeons across the country.