A through-the-heel approach should be used, using a hollow reamer to tunnel into the calcaneus. When used with a subtalar distractor, this method provides direct intrafocal access to the articular fragments.

This technique makes it possible to correct calcaneal tuberosity displacements and obtain good reduction of the joint for intra-articular fractures that are composed of large fragments, or to perform arthrodesis right away in cases of more complex intra-articular fractures.

The reduced joint and calcaneus are held in place by percutaneous fixation with the CALCANAIL® nail.


Minimally-invasive technique: closed reconstruction of foot anatomy using a nail and cannulated screws;

  • Innovative reduction technique that reduces surgical trauma and the risk of complications;
  • Large bone plug removed when work chamber is created which is available for use as autograft;
  • Intrafocal reduction of displaced intra-articular fragments is easier when using a Caspar-type subtalar distractor;
  • Placement of locking nail under joint surface that is held at the correct height;
  • Placement of bone graft into implant windows helps with bone union;
  • Option to perform subtalar arthrodesis using same approach and instrumentation (12 mm nail instead of 10 mm)


Calcanail Introduction

Surgery performed by Pr. Patrick Simon

Presentation by Dr. Mario Goldzak