The self-drilling and self-tapping screws in the Be POD range fix metatarsal and phalangeal osteotomies in an easily performed procedure resulting in stable reliable osteosynthesis.

Two types of cannulated self-drilling and self-tapping screw are available:

  • a “3A” self-compressing, self-drilling and self-tapping screw, with a differential pitch;
  • a “percutaneous” self-drilling, and self-tapping screw, with a continuous thread.

The same screws are used to fix phalangeal and metatarsal osteotomies.

These screws are made from titanium alloy (TA6V) and are biocompatible.

Anodization of the screw assists fitting and makes possible ablation of the material easier.

The screws are supplied in sterile individual packs, meeting the strictest standards of traceability.

They are now available in two diameters: Ø 2.5mm and Ø 3mm.