Design, manufacturing

Our expertise: Design and manufacture original solutions conceived with groups of surgeons who are experts in bone-related surgery. Supply implants and instrumentation that meet our long-standing quality standards, thereby ensuring patient safety.

Our teams: The orthopaedics know-how of FH Industrie is underpinned by experienced and committed collaborators. Products are developed by a team of engineers who are well-versed in biomechanics and orthopaedics. Being located near the production facility provides them with a better understanding of manufacturing processes, which results in shorter design lead times. The latest generation industrial robots, mechanical polishing, laser marking and clean room facilities allow our specialised operators to make these high-tech products. Lastly, the regulatory affairs team has the skills needed to get our products approved for sale worldwide and to monitor them throughout their lifespan. We work with LNE-GMED, a highly reputable notified body.


Our commitment: Promote worldwide the original products and techniques designed with our expert surgeons. Offer unparalleled service that guarantees the confidence and loyalty of healthcare facilities.

More than 50 years of work and passion, dedicated to creating innovative implants, evaluating them and following them clinically.