45B screw

Fixing system 45B is dedicated to Hallux Valgus indication. 45 for the angle of his head and B for his bevelled profile. The 45B screw was designed with a bevelled head, allowing it to be inserted into the bone by minimizing soft tissue irritation.


– Treatment of hallux valgus of the 1st ray with osteosynthesis without compression.
– Osteosynthesis without compression of forefoot fractures.

Features and materials

– Bevelled headMinimisation of screw protrusion and soft tissue irritation thanks to the bevelled profile of the screw head.
– ThreadingEntirely threaded, non-compressive.
– Power driven screwSelf-tapping, Self-drilling.
– Specific instrumentationScrewdriver with bevel identifier.
– Made of titanium alloy (TA6V4), biocompatible.
– The screws are delivered in sterile, unitary packaging.
– Available in Ø 3 mm (gold anodizing).


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