Bioresorbable K-wire

The bePOD bioresorbable K-wire is used for dynamic metatarsal and phalangeal osteotomies of the forefoot.

Product line

The bePOD bioresorbable K-wires are used to perform dynamic forefoot osteotomies.

This technique:
– requires use of 1 or 2 K-wires; another procedure is not needed to remove the devices
– is minimally invasive: small incision, simple cut
– is suitable for most clinical conditions (congenital, static, etc.)
– allows walking to be resumed
– allows immediate weight bearing because the K-wire’s flexibility provides primary stability.


Dynamic metatarsal and phalangeal osteotomies of the forefoot for treatment of hallux valgus and bunionette deformity.

Features and materials

– Made of bioresorbable polylactic acid (PLA)
– K-wires are supplied in sterile individual packs with a metal K-wire of the same diameter
– Available in 2 diameters: Ø 2 mm (ref. 263 840) and Ø 2.4 mm (ref. 263 841)


The kit consists of:
– a metal K-wire with trocar tip – length 150 mm
– a bioresorbable K-wire (PLA) – length 60 mm
– a K-wire driver (optional)