Hindfoot screw

The hindfoot screw is self-compressing. It is designed for fixation of hindfoot fractures.


The hindfoot screw can be used in the following indications:
– midfoot and hindfoot fracture fixation, fixation of mono- and bi-cortical osteotomies
– stabilisation of various fractures (e.g. calcaneus, talus, mid-foot)
– subtalar, talocrural arthrodesis

Features and materials

– Cannulated, self-compressing screw with differential pitch, with safe targeting on a K-wire (Ø 1.8 mm) that provides controlled compression
– Made of biocompatible titanium alloy (TA6V)
– Screws are supplied in sterile individual packs
– Screws are anodised to help with implantation and removal if needed
– Dimensions: 14 sizes (length 45 mm to 110 mm)
– Head Ø 7.2 mm – thread Ø 5.4 mm – core Ø 3.0 mm