Self-compressing, snap-off screw

Snap-off screw with differential pitch that provides controlled compression.

Product line

Snap-off screw with two snap-off locations between screw and holder; the screw has a self-tapping, threaded head that allows the head to be fully buried and a pointed tip for precise positioning. The differential pitch provides compression.


– Treatment of hallux valgus of the 1st ray (big toe) with compressive fixation, following distal and proximal metatarsal and phalangeal osteotomies
– Compressive fixation of multiple forefoot fractures

Features and materials

– Self-compressing and self-tapping
– Made of biocompatible titanium alloy (TA6V4)
– Screws are supplied in sterile individual packs
– Dimensions: 13 sizes, length 10 mm to 34 mm – Head Ø 4 mm – thread Ø 3 mm – core Ø 2 mm