Revision heads

FH ORTHOPEDICS also has a line of revision heads.

During either partial (liner change) or total acetabular revision, it is advisable to replace the femoral head at a minimum. However this replacement is only feasible if the taper is in good condition. The heads in this product line can only be used with FH ORTHOPEDICS femoral stems. Before undertaking a revision procedure, please contact the sales department at FH ORTHOPEDICS to determine which generation of femoral stem has been implanted and to find out if the taper is suitable.

Product line

The stainless steel heads are available in 22.2, 28 and 32 mm diameters with different neck lengths.

The BIOLOX delta heads with sleeve are available in 28, 32 and 36 mm diameters with different neck lengths.

Features and materials

FH ORTHOPEDICS heads can be used with the following tapers:
– 12/14, 5°43’
– TIP 6°
– 10°

The available materials are based on the type of taper:
– Stainless steel
– BIOLOX delta

FH ORTHOPEDICS ceramic liners can only be implanted with BIOLOX forte or BIOLOX delta heads.

The TRIANON highly cross-linked polyethylene liners can only be implanted with CoCr heads or BIOLOX ceramic heads; they must never be used with stainless steel heads.


Trial heads are available that can be used during revision procedures.