F2H first intention straight stems

F2H straight stems are the shortened version coming from standard self-locking straight stems from FH ORTHO.

Product line

F2H straight stems range have the following versions:
• 130° cementless,
• 122° cementless,
• 130° cementless with collar,
• 130° cemented.

Each version is composed of 10 sizes from 104 mm to 140 mm.

Features & materials

The cementless range of implants is made out of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy. The outside surface has a T40 titanium spray and hydroxyapatite coating.

The F2H cemented range of straight stems are made out of M30NW stainless steel, with a mirror-polished surface.

The neck is fitted with a 12/14 taper, enabling it to be used with an alumina head. The taper is flattened in the anteroposterior section and reduced below the neck to a diameter of 11mm to increase the ROM (Range of Motion).

The proximal part of the metaphysis includes a semi-circular groove for guided impaction and a thread to facilitate extraction of the stem, if necessary.


F2H instrumentation allows all approaches to be used, including mini-invasive approaches.