PHARO cemented and cementless bipolar femoral implants

PHARO is intended for treating femoral neck fractures.
PHARO is a scaled-down product line of implants that can be used in surgery for at-risk patients.

Product line

The PHARO product line consists of:
– 4 cemented stem sizes
– 5 cementless stem sizes.

The PHARO stem product line is used in combination with mobile or bipolar cups.

This implant can be converted to a total hip arthroplasty if osteoarthritis is present in the hip.

Features and materials

  • These two types of stem are self-locking and fill the proximal portion of the femoral canal.
  • The cemented stem is made from 316L stainless steel and its entire surface has a highly polished finish.
  • The cementless stem has a collar, is made from TA6 V4 titanium and is entirely hydroxyapatite coated.


Each PHARO stem model has its own scaled-down instrumentation set.