FHK – Mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty

The mobile-bearing TKA allows the surgeon to choose between 2 types of polyethylene inserts. Implants are available in cemented and cementless versions.

Additional implants

The patellar implant is available in two versions:
– inlay
– resurfacing (onlay)

Depending on the patient’s bone quality, tibial extension stems are available in two lengths and two diameters.


The FHK instrumentation consists of 4 trays that allow the surgeon maximum flexibility intra-operatively when selecting the:
– order of bone cuts
– femoral reference
– femoral cuts
– tibial aiming method

Features and materials

– The tibial and femoral components are made of CoCr (cobalt-chrome)
– The inserts are made of UHMWPE
– The inner surface of cementless implants are coated with plasma-sprayed pure T40 titanium and a hydroxyapatite layer for secondary fixation