DIGIKARE – An innovative clinical tool for post-operative follow-up of FHK total knee replacements

The FH ORTHO GROUP has signed a collaboration with DIGIKARE for the use of its ORTHENSE software with the intention of carrying out a real-life clinical observation. The patients included in this project, who have received an FHK total knee replacement, will be followed for quality of life criteria for 2 years.

DIGIKARE and their ORTHENSE product go beyond simple data collection by providing a pre- and post-operative remote monitoring and support tool for orthopaedic surgery. It nurtures the patient/surgeon connection through information exchange which clearly improves the perceived excellence of care.

Equipped with a complete and intuitive digital dashboard, the surgeon has access to all the elements needed to optimise the post-operative therapeutic management of their patient.

Analysis of this data enables surgeons who use this protocol in combination with FHK implants to improve the quality of care, which will result in decreased management costs.

The FH ORTHO GROUP invests in monitoring its products in order to improve its quality approach above and beyond regulatory standards.