e-Ortho, a 3D templating software dedicated to Arrow Shoulder Prosthesis

e-Ortho is a Shoulder Templating  Software for surgeons. Based on CT-Scan, it provides an accurate 3D reconstruction of the patient’s scapula and humerus.

e-Ortho Shoulder is a web-software intended to be used as an informational tool to assist surgeons in their preoperative surgical templating of primary total shoulder replacement.

e-Ortho Shoulder helps surgeons:
• To understand their patient’s anatomy prior to surgery,
• To perform a preoperative 3D implant positioning within the entire specific patient’s bone (scapula and humerus) using reliable landmarks.


This new technology can be used in the care of every patient receiving ARROW anatomic total arthroplasty or reverse total arthroplasty.


Find out the surgical planning software for Arrow shoulder prosthesis:

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