STS – Shoulder Trauma System

In shoulder trauma cases, arthroplasty and IM nailing make up most of the indications.
The challenge is to quickly gather all the implants and instrumentation at the same place and at the same time.

In the emergency room setting, STS provides an ergonomic and logistically sound solution that makes it possible to implant either a short TELEGRAPH nail, a hemiarthroplasty or a reverse ARROW prosthesis, all with the same instrumentation set.


FH ORTHOPEDICS now has a system that uses the same instrumentation (2 baskets) to implant:
– a short TELEGRAPH nail
– the ARROW hemiarthroplasty
– the ARROW reverse prosthesis

Optional: the STS Fixations implant is a system used for tuberosity fixation that does not require transosseous holes and that maintains the orientation of the rotator cuff tendons.



– a single stem is used for the anatomical or reverse shoulder configuration
– diameter 8 mm, lengths 120 and 170 mm, cemented or cementless

Anatomical configuration:
– heads: 4 humeral heads (44/16 off-centred, 46/18 off-centred, 48/21 centred, 50/19 centred)

Reverse configuration:
– metal-back glenoid base: size 44
– glenosphere: size 36
– humeral insert: size Ø36H00, Ø36H05, Ø36H10


Tape set:
– implant used to reattach the tuberosities. It consists of a polyethylene fixation plate and tendon anchors that are attached to the humeral stem

Cementing set:
– 3 available sizes consisting of a cement plug, metaphyseal centring aid and diaphyseal centring aid


Short nail:
– length 150 mm, diameter 7, 8, and 9 mm


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