CoLS Classic Knee Ligament Repair System

ST4 short graft method – All inside

CoLS is an ACL and PCL reconstruction system that uses a short graft.

Product information

Main principles of the CoLS system:

– only one tendon harvested
– short closed loop configuration (4 tendon strands, ST4)
– pre-tensioned
– introduced arthroscopically into knee (all inside)
– press fit in the bone sockets
– 360-degree bone contact 

Bone tunnels:
– independent tunnel positioning using outside-in targeting method
– small diameter (4.5 mm)
– manual retrograde reaming of bone sockets for the graft
– sockets match size of each end of the graft

suspension of ligament loop using anchoring tape
– CoLS fixation screws placed in the tape using outside-in method


The CoLS system is mainly indicated for:
– partial or complete ACL tears in adults
– PCL tears


The CoLS instrumentation consists of:
– a work table used to prepare and pretension the graft (0–300 N)
– a universal aiming device used for outside-in placement of guide wires in the tibia and femur for ACL and PCL reconstruction
– a set of winged drills used for retroreaming of the bone sockets (7 to 11 mm)

The CoLS system consists of:
– a CoLS screw (ø10 mm, length 20 or 25 mm) made of titanium or PEEK.


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