1st FHK total knee replacement assisted by Augmented Reality glasses Knee+

This July 2nd 2020 took place the first use of Knee+, Pixee Medical augmented reality solution for a Total Knee Replacement with FHK.
This first use of the system allowed the surgeon to have real time navigation with essential information displayed in his field of view by smart glasses, thanks to a control instrument with a reusable marker inserted in the cutting guide of FHK instrumentation. In addition to the orientation value of the cutting planes, the surgeon was able to see the femoral and tibial mechanical axis in augmented reality on the glasses display.
Doctor Silbert Hervé, from Polyclinique Saint Privat (Beziers) mentionned that this technology is “Practical and Innovative”.
Congratulations to all the team !
To be followed…


Mulhouse, France (July 26, 2019) – FH Ortho, a manufacturer of orthopedic devices and instruments for surgeons around the world, announced it has received approval from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Japan to market the Arrow® Prime Anatomic Shoulder System to treat complex fractured shoulder reconstructions and total joint replacements resulting from wear or trauma.  “The approval of Arrow Prime in Japan represents another exciting opportunity to further grow our presence in the global market” said Jean-Marc Idier, President Group FH Ortho. “Our goal is to design innovative implants that are simple and easy to use with reproducible results for a broad range of patients and I believe we have achieved this with the Arrow Prime Shoulder System.”

More than 24,000 cases have been performed worldwide with the Arrow Shoulder System since 2003, with over 15 years of clinical data.

New 45B screw!

FH ORTHO is pleased to introduce a new fixation system: the 45B screw, dedicated to HV fixation. 45 for the angulation of the head and B for bevelled profil.

The new system is design with a bevelled head to be inserted within the bone and minimizing the soft tissue irritation.

The screws are manufactured from titanium alloy and available in a range of sizes from 32mm to 50mm, to offer a large choice of sizes for important translation.

All screws are delivered in unitary sterile packed.

Evolution of the FHK range : size 7

The high rate of use of FHK implants size 6 has led us to evolve our range.

Today, the femoral components, tibial inserts and tibial trays are available in size 7, whether for the fixed and mobile bearing FHK prosthesis. Perfectly compatible with the rest of the range, these implants are available in cemented or cementless versions.

A compact instrument set is necessary for its use, in addition to the FHK instruments sets currently available.

Training programme – Direct anterior approach without extension table

GROUP FH ORTHO has invested for years in full training programs for all joints. We offer you to discover the one of previous track without table extension, with operating days, the accompaniments of expert during their first trials, but also for anatomic labs. An international course is planned, in the Fer à Moulin labs in Paris, Tuesday, July 4, 2017. (limited number of places)

ESP : started on suedish market

First LP-ESP prosthesis implanted in Sweden on Tuesday March 14th 2017 in Stockholm. The surgeon was part of the faculty of the scientific conference GECO Spine in Le Mans on November 26, 2016. Following his visit in training expert center,  he has scheduled 3 patients to allow them to benefit from the technology of the LP-ESP as soon as he came back in Stockholm.

Focus on the LP-ESP prosthesis during next ISASS congress

For the first time, two lectures about LP ESP will be introduced during the coming ISASS conference in Buca Raton (FL). Two professors, Pr Lazennec and Pr Rischke, both received confirmation of acceptance of their abstract about LP-ESP prosthesis. 2 subjects on the center of rotation and about 7 years results with the LP-ESP will be presented.

First implantation of the FHK total knee prothesis

First implantation of the FHK total knee prothesis in Cuba, on april 25th ! To be followed…

Only You custom cutting blocs available in sterile version

We are pleased to inform you that the Only you cutting guides for the FHK TKR prosthesis are now packaged in their sterile version. These guides can be used directly in the operating room, thereby facilitating their handling and traceability.

TLS: NEW – Extra-articular ACL reconstruction with pivot-shift reduction

All-inside reconstruction technique of the cruciate ligament of the knee using a short (DT4) graft, with more than 10 years of hindsight.

48,000 patients around the world have been treated with this technique.

The full range of TLS surgical options has been supplemented this year by a simple extra-articular pivot-shift reducing reconstruction technique at DI2, after single-bundle reconstruction of the ACL.

Fixation of ACL reconstruction and EAR both occur at the femur, the isometric point of the tibia is identified, then two strands of DI are sutured and fixed with a low volume biocomposite screw.

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