Sport Surgery

Implants for ligament,
tendon and meniscus reconstruction

Upper limb

Implants for shoulder arthroplasty
and fractures

Bone substitutes

Solid and injectable synthetic bone substitutes for filling of bone defects


Cemented and cementless hip implants for degenerative conditions and trauma

Foot & Ankle

Implants and minimally invasive surgical techniques for the foot and ankle


Cemented and cementless knee implants with fixed and mobile bearings


GROUP FH ORTHO now consists of 5 companies in 4 countries.

  • France: FH Industrie and FH ORTHO SAS
  • USA: FH ORTHO Inc. (subsidiary)
  • United Kingdom: FH ORTHO Ltd. (subsidiary)
  • Poland: Implants Industrie Polska (subsidiary)

GROUP FH ORTHO is renowned for its innovative products and surgical techniques, which stem from collaborations with leading orthopaedic surgeons in France and throughout the world. Today, Group FH ORTHO offers a full range of orthopaedic implants: hip, knee, shoulder, cruciate ligament repair, forefoot, hindfoot and spine.

More than 200 collaborators at your service, in France and abroad

Your operating team’s partner

Helping medical staff with their CME


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