Only You custom cutting blocs available in sterile version

We are pleased to inform you that the Only you cutting guides for the FHK TKR prosthesis are now packaged in their sterile version. These guides can be used directly in the operating room, thereby facilitating their handling and traceability.

TLS: NEW – Extra-articular ACL reconstruction with pivot-shift reduction

All-inside reconstruction technique of the cruciate ligament of the knee using a short (DT4) graft, with more than 10 years of hindsight.

48,000 patients around the world have been treated with this technique.

The full range of TLS surgical options has been supplemented this year by a simple extra-articular pivot-shift reducing reconstruction technique at DI2, after single-bundle reconstruction of the ACL.

Fixation of ACL reconstruction and EAR both occur at the femur, the isometric point of the tibia is identified, then two strands of DI are sutured and fixed with a low volume biocomposite screw.

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1st Arrow implant in Peru

GROUP FH ORTHO is proud to announce that the first Arrow reverse shoulder prosthesis was implanted in Peru on 6 December, 2016!