FH lab: Introduction to MIS foot surgery

FH ORTHO will organize an anatomy lab on mini-invasive foot surgery, on May 6, 2022 in Paris.

Experts: Dr Olivier Laffenêtre and Dr Julien Lucas Y Hernandez

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SAVE THE DATE: next Shoulder anatomy lab on March 18, 2022

When: March 18, 2022
Where: Fer à Moulin Anatomy Lab, Paris

• Technical presentation of the products,
• Demonstration of surgical techniques,
• Practical workshops.

A training offered by FH ORTHO and FH Academy.


More than 415 registrations for our webinar about shoulder arthroplasty!

It has been a pleasure for FH ORTHO to present an arthroplasty webinar on shoulder the 9th of February. With our 3 experts: Drs Omar Naji (Lunel, Fr), Philippe Valenti (Paris, Fr) and Jean-David Werthel (Boulogne Billancourt, Fr), and the shoulder educative platform Shoulder 3T, we organized 1 hour dedicated to the following subjects:

  1. Reverse shoulder biomechanics reminder
  2. Tips & tricks of 3D templating glenoid with e-Ortho platform
  3. Application of e-Ortho on a clinical case (re-live surgery)

This training mixing theory and practice is a success among the audience and a strong discussion has been established between the speakers and the others thanks to the chat box.

More information regarding our Arrow prosthesis and our 3D templating web-software e-Ortho.

The replay of this session is available here. Only a free registration is required to have access to the content.

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The Group FH ORTHO Team

Our ARROW prosthesis got its Japan agreement

We are pleased to announce we got approval from Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Japan to market Arrow prothesis (Anatomic and Reverse).

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FH ORTHO et PIXEE MEDICAL now real partners

FH Ortho is pleased to confirm its distribution agreement with Pixee Medical.

First surgeries using Augemented Reality glasses Knee+ have been operated during summer 2020 in some French hospitals.
This agreement will allow FH ORTHO to deploy this innovative technology on orthopaedic French market
PIXEE solution in association with our FHK prothesis will bring augmented reality in operating room.

For more information, visit Pixee Medical website
Look also at our FHK product page

e-ORTHO FDA cleared

Our e-ORTHO 3D planning software provides shoulder replacement surgeons with a web-based platform to assist in preoperative surgical technique planning without the need for costly custom instruments that are required with other planning software systems.

Jean-Marc Idier, our Group’s CEO stated, “e-Ortho demonstrates our commitment to advancements in shoulder arthroplasty by providing our customers with increased value through a means of simplifying procedures to achieve our ultimate goal of improving outcomes for our patients.”

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To read article about FDA Clearance in GlobeNewsWire Journal :



1st FHK total knee replacement assisted by Augmented Reality glasses Knee+

This July 2nd 2020 took place the first use of Knee+, Pixee Medical augmented reality solution for a Total Knee Replacement with FHK.
This first use of the system allowed the surgeon to have real time navigation with essential information displayed in his field of view by smart glasses, thanks to a control instrument with a reusable marker inserted in the cutting guide of FHK instrumentation. In addition to the orientation value of the cutting planes, the surgeon was able to see the femoral and tibial mechanical axis in augmented reality on the glasses display.
Doctor Silbert Hervé, from Polyclinique Saint Privat (Beziers) mentionned that this technology is “Practical and Innovative”.
Congratulations to all the team !
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Mulhouse, France (July 26, 2019) – FH Ortho, a manufacturer of orthopedic devices and instruments for surgeons around the world, announced it has received approval from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Japan to market the Arrow® Prime Anatomic Shoulder System to treat complex fractured shoulder reconstructions and total joint replacements resulting from wear or trauma.  “The approval of Arrow Prime in Japan represents another exciting opportunity to further grow our presence in the global market” said Jean-Marc Idier, President Group FH Ortho. “Our goal is to design innovative implants that are simple and easy to use with reproducible results for a broad range of patients and I believe we have achieved this with the Arrow Prime Shoulder System.”

More than 24,000 cases have been performed worldwide with the Arrow Shoulder System since 2003, with over 15 years of clinical data.

New 45B screw!

FH ORTHO is pleased to introduce a new fixation system: the 45B screw, dedicated to HV fixation. 45 for the angulation of the head and B for bevelled profil.

The new system is design with a bevelled head to be inserted within the bone and minimizing the soft tissue irritation.

The screws are manufactured from titanium alloy and available in a range of sizes from 32mm to 50mm, to offer a large choice of sizes for important translation.

All screws are delivered in unitary sterile packed.