CorTTape® screw, the bioresorbable interference screw

Designed for knee and ankle ligamentoplasty techniques, CorTTape® screw is a bioresorbable interference screw that is used for both patellar tendon graft and tendinous graft fixation.


The bioresorbable interference screw CorTTape® screw is indicated for:
– Patella tendon graft fixation,
– Tendinous graft fixation.

Features & materials

– CorTTape® screw is composed of PLA that decomposes through hydrolysis. The screw is completely replaced by healthy bone after 24 months,
– Maximum pull-out resistance:  1000 N,
– Maximum torsional force: 700 N cm,
– Self-tapping threads.


– CorTTape® screw Screwdriver,
– Pin for CorTTape® screw (2 models available).