Hip’n go cementless primary straight stems

The Hip’n go universal design provides the surgeon with the option to choose between a standard stem (130° neck-shaft angle) and a lateralised stem (122° neck-shaft angle) during the preoperative planning phase or during the procedure itself.

Product line

The Hip’n go product line of straight stems consists of 10 sizes per model. The available models are:
– cementless / 130°,
– cementless / 122°.

Features and materials

The cementless stems are made of titanium alloy (TA6 V4) and coated with plasma-sprayed pure titanium (T40) and hydroxyapatite.

The flared shape of the cementless metaphysis portion and its macrostructures contribute to primary fixation. The proximal portion of the metaphysis has a semi-circular depression to assist with alignment during impaction and a threaded hole for extraction (if necessary).

The neck has a 12/14 taper for use with alumina ceramic heads. The taper is flattened in the anteroposterior plane and thinner below the neck (11 mm diameter).


A common Hip’n go instrumentation set is used with the various types of stems in the product line.

This instrumentation can be used with all the standard surgical approaches, including minimally invasive ones.

Rasp holders are available for the posterior and anterior routes.


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