Tylos: intramedullary nail for ankle arthrodesis

The Tylos intramedullary nail for ankle arthrodesis from the bePOD product line uses a transcalcaneal threaded pin for posterior locking and cortical screw for lateral locking.

Product line

The Tylos ankle arthrodesis nail in the bePOD line has:
– a posterior locking system consisting of a transcalcaneal threaded pin that provides stability and reduces the risk of disassembly and the screw backing out
– a lateral locking system consisting of cortical screws


The Tylos ankle arthrodesis nail is used for combined talocrural and subtalar fusion, or for certain distal tibia fusion procedures when the ankle joint cannot be preserved.

Features and materials

– Material: stainless steel
– Multi-axial stabilisation: posterior fixation (one transcalcaneal threaded pin) / lateral fixation (3 or 4 cortical screws)
– Protective end plug
– Several sizes of transcalcaneal and cortical screws
– Cannulated nail available in 3 lengths (160, 200, 250 mm) and 3 diameters (10, 11, 12 mm)


Drill guides designed to be used intra-operatively for fluoroscopy verification of positioning.


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