MIS 2: Instrumentation for minimally invasive surgery

Minimally-invasive and percutaneous surgery require very specific instruments and tools.

The manual MIS 2 instrumentation is well suited to this type of surgery because of its comprehensive set of instruments and wide range of reamers.


– band that stops blood leakage
– colour-coded for easier identification
– cylindrical connection for Jacob chuck
– rotation speed: 1500–8000 rpm max; torque reducer strongly recommended
– supplied in individual packs in boxes of 5

Beaver blades are supplied in sterile packs.



Minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery is performed for the same reasons as an open approach:
– reduction in medial volume of the first metatarsal head; proximal and distal M1 osteotomy
– all types of P1 osteotomy procedures: variation, derotation, shortening
– all types of tendon and joint capsule procedures
– surgery to address metatarsalgia not due to dislocation and claw toe

Single-use instruments

The reamers for each indication (see table of indications) have a specific shape. They are intended to be used for specific osteotomy and bone removal procedures without damaging the soft tissues.

Rounded or pointed blades are available in two diameters: 1 mm and 3 mm.



Scalpel: used to make small incisions

Stripper: used to make a working space to separate soft tissue from bone

Rasps: used to remove bone debris generated by the reamers

Percutaneous osteotomy handle: designed to easily translate the 1st ray metatarsal osteotomy during a percutaneous approach