FHK Fastrack – Total knee arthroplasty

FHK Fastrack is a cementless tibial tray with a 500µm thickness porous titanium layer under its underside. It has enlarged wings compared to traditional FHK implant, spikes under its lower face as well as windows allowing to pass an osteotome. This tray is available in a fixed and mobile version, compatible with first intention cement or cementless femurs and allows the placement of a first intention diaphyseal extension.

Additional implants

Posterior stabilized or mobile femoral implants, according to the surgeon’s philosophy.

The patellar implant is available in two versions:
– inlay,
– resurfacing (onlay).


The FHK instrumentation consists of 4 trays that allow the surgeon maximum flexibility intra-operatively when selecting the:
– order of bone cuts,
– femoral reference,
– femoral cuts,
-tibial aiming method.

Specific instrumentation completes the ancillary equipment for the preparation of the wings and the pins location of the FHK Fastrack tray.

Features and materials

– The tibial components are made of CoCr (Cobalt Chrome),
– Fastrack cementless implants are coated with porous T40 titanium on their internal surface.