Adjustable cortical fixation systems for ACLR.

Product line

CorTTape IN/OUT:

This implant is made of a titanium button (centered or shifted) and a polyethylene terephtalate round tape. Shuttle wires are temporarily connected.

Two philosophies:
  CorTTape® (centered titanium button) with two shuttle wires to control the contact on the cortex,
  CorTTape® shifted (shifted titanium button) with one shuttle wire for an automatic flip on the cortex.

CorTTape OUT/IN:

Adjustable cortical fixation systems for ACLR.

CorTTape Small 60/90:

Adjustable cortical fixation systems for ligament or tendon reconstruction.

– Length: 60 or 90 cm,
– Two non-absorbable braid of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE/Polyester) adjustable loop including a blue trace filaments,
– An uncoated titanium plate (length 12 mm/ width 4mm/ thickness 1,5mm / Ti-6AI-4V ELI),
– Two non-absorbable 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene traction sutures (blue and white).

CorTTape Stick (in option for ST3 attached):
– Thread: Ø 0.50 (USP2),
– Length: 99 cm,
– Color: bleu,
– Black tube: 30 cm.

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