Adjustable loop cortical fixation system for femoral ACLR.

Centered or shifted.

Product line

This implant is made of a titanium button (centered or shifted) and a polyethylene terephtalate round tape. Shuttle wires are temporarily connected.

Two philosophies:
  CorTTape® (centered titanium button) with two shuttle wires to control the contact on the cortex,
  CorTTape® shifted (shifted titanium button) with one shuttle wire for an automatic flip on the cortex.


  No pre-operative length calculation, loop length is easily adjusted
  Self locking and knot free system
  Double round tapes for a large contact with the graft (preventing graft damage)
  Tigthening througth the antero medial portail to maintain the contact between the button and cortex while tensioning
  Easy graft preparation thanks to plastic peg
  Graft preconditionning
  100% bone/graft contact with press fit

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