CROSS lig® interference screw

CROSS lig® interference screws are injected with Duosorb® composite that is made of ß-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) ceramic and DL-polylactic acid.
This osteoconductive material is specially designed:
– for manufacturing resorbable intra-osseous implants
– for use in high-load situations; its flexion and compression strength is determined by the amount of TCP


One screw for each type of cruciate reconstruction procedure (ACL and/or PCL):
– fixation of a full soft tissue graft, i.e. pes anserinus, quadriceps tendon, etc.
– fixation of a bone-tendon-bone graft, i.e. patellar tendon


– ACL tears
– PCL tears


Duosorb® composite material is an absorbable radio-opaque material.