CorTTape Link

CorTTape Link is suture material for knee surgery.


CorTTape Link is supplied as a suture with stainless steel needles.

– Suture: Ø = 0.7 mm (USP ¾), length 90 cm
– Material: 87.5% polyethylene (PE, white strand) / 12.5% polypropylene (PP, blue strand)
– Round needle: ½ circle length 25 mm
– Cutting needle: ½ circle length 40 mm

CorTTape Link is sterilised with ethylene oxide. Single use only.
Do not resterilise.

CorTTape Link is a component of the CorTTape product line.


CorTTape Link is indicated for ligament repair and reinforcement, soft tissue closing and tuberosity reinsertion.