Hip’n go dual mobility cups

The Hip’n go universal design allows the surgeon to choose between a dual mobility cup (press-fit, tripod or cemented) and a rigid cup (BIOLOX delta or UHMWPE liner) during the preoperative planning phase or during the procedure itself.

Product line

Hip’n go dual mobility cups are available in 10 sizes for each model (press-fit, tripod or cemented) ranging from 46 mm to 64 mm diameter in 2-mm increments.

The matching liners have an internal diameter of 22.2 mm for the size 46 cup and 28-mm for the 48 to 64 mm cups.

The cemented Hip’n Go dual mobility cup product line also includes Kerboull cross-like acetabular cages. These metal cages are intended for acetabular reconstruction and available in four inner diameters: Ø50, 54, 58 and 62 mm.

Features and materials

The metal-back shells are made of cobalt chrome (CoCr) and have a mirror polished inner surface.

The outer surface of the cementless press-fit and tripod cups is coated with plasma-sprayed porous titanium (T40) and hydroxyapatite to ensure the implant’s secondary fixation.

The outer surface of the cemented dual mobility cups has a mirror finish and grooves for cement compression and binding.

The liners are made of UHMWPE.

The Kerboull cross is made of stainless steel and has 4 polyethylene pegs that ensure a uniform 1.5 mm cement thickness.


All three types of dual mobility cups (cementless press-fit, tripod, cemented) use the same Hip’n go instrumentation set. Two impaction systems are available.

This instrumentation can be used with every surgical approach, including anterior, posterior and minimally invasive.