TFP Telegraph proximal femoral nail

The TFP nail is intended for the treatment of proximal femur fractures.

Product line

The TFP product line consists of:
– short nails (L. 190mm) available in 130° and 125° versions
– long nails (L. 255mm) available in 130° and 125° versions
– neck screws (L. 80 to 120 mm)
– sterile cortical bone screws (L. 30, 35 and 40 mm)

Features and materials

Each component of the TFP product line is made of titanium alloy (TA6V4).

The nail has the following features:
– anatomical shape that makes it suitable for the above indications
– two lengths: 190 mm (standard) and 255 mm
– two neck-shaft angles (125°, 130°)
– a 17-mm metaphyseal diameter and 11-mm diaphyseal diameter.

The 11-mm diameter femoral neck screw is inserted through a small incision using a radiolucent carbon aiming device.

The locking screw, introduced in the proximal end of the nail, is placed in one of the 8 slots on the femoral neck screw to stop it from rotating.

The shape of the 8 slots allows for controlled backing-out of the screw that results in dynamic compression of the fracture site during weight bearing.


The TFP nail has its own instrumentation set.